2018 High School Camp – Day 5


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The last full day!!! And it was full!!! This morning we had our annual Camp Olympics, and the campers went hard! They ran, they tugged, they ate popsicles, they tossed pudding…they did all the things! And then everyone needed a shower before lunch

After lunch, we had Camper’s Choice which was a fun and chill way to spend our last afternoon together! Campers were inside, outside, in the pool, just all over hanging out together.

During Chaplain’s Program, we learned about and practiced Lectio Divina. We are so grateful to Fr. Christian for sharing different practices with us this week that we can incorporate into our lives outside of camp!

For Counselor’s Program, the campers went on a haunted hike, it was pretty awesome! When everyone was done we came back to the program center for a dance party and danced the night away!

Now everyone is back in their cabins preparing to sleep tonight and pack up in the morning!!!

Join us for our Closing Eucharist at 11am in the Program Center. Camper pick up begins at 12pm.

And check out our pictures from the week here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskD5ya6o

Also, we have another session available for high school campers in July – Leadership Camp! Some activities will be similar but the program will be more focused towards leadership skills in various areas and vocations. Register at dayspringfla.org!!

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