2018 High School Camp – Day 1


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We are thrilled to have our high school campers join us this week at camp! We had a great first night with staff introductions, dinner, and our first time meeting our Ohana groups for the week!

We had our Chaplain’s Program with Fr. Christian. He helped us to explore and understand the reading for our theme, “Living Water”, this summer – the woman at the well. He gave us a lot of really interesting information! It’s really nice to get some background on stories from the Bible to help put them into the context of when and where they took place and how to relate them to things we’re familiar with now.


After Chaplain’s Program, we had Counselor’s Program. For Counselor’s Program, we did our annual Counselor Hunt – where campers go out in groups and look for counselors who are hiding around the DaySpring property. I have to say, our counselors are pretty dedicated to this activity because many of them were never found, even when boundaries were made to make the space smaller! It was awesome! (But also really buggy…so we got out the bug spray for sure!!)


We finished Counselor’s Hunt and came into the Program Center to play some games together, to help everyone get comfortable with each other and to just hang out before it was time for Compline around the fire. Then, we headed off to the cabins to get settled in for the week and for bed tonight!


Tomorrow morning we’re headed out to the high ropes course!!!


Check out our pictures (that are always being updated throughout the day/week) here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskD5ya6o


And email your camper to say hi at campbunknotes@gmail.com.


Also, mark your calendar for our Closing Eucharist on Friday at 11am in the Program Center. (Camper pick up begins at 12pm.)



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