2018 BreakOut Day 3


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Our first session of camp is already over?! It feels like we’ve only just started!!! We have packed so much fun into these couple of days, and it’s going to be so sad to see everyone go tomorrow!


Our morning started off like normal and then it was time for our annual Camp Olympics! Yesterday our campers decorated flags for the opening ceremony to represent their cabins. They competed in inside and outside relays to win the gold medal! Camp Olympics always ends with my personal favorite event….the pudding toss! Last night we selected our counselors and junior counselors and today we got to fling chocolate pudding at them! A great time was had by all! When we were finished, we rinsed off with the hoses and then went to shower and change for lunch.


The rain stayed away today! (It’s raining now, but everyone is in bed.) We were able to take the canoes out, and had a blast in the pool this afternoon!


Tonight, Fr. Ryan finished the story of Joseph, and many of the campers are able to retell the entire story! Ask them to share when they get home!


Our talent show this evening was spectacular. There are some really talented elementary school kids here! They’re so fun and so unafraid to get up and show off their talents!! It’s really amazing!


We rounded out our evening with s’mores around the campfire, and then headed off to bed for the night!!


Check out our pictures from this week at https://flic.kr/s/aHskzkDrga


We can’t wait to see our parents tomorrow morning at our Closing Eucharist! It will take place in the Program Center and begin at 11am. Camper pick up begins at 12pm. Also, we have another session of camp in July for Elementary campers, and we would love to see our campers from this week again! You can register for that session at DaySpringFLA.org.


Thank you, parents, for allowing us to spend this time with your children. We hope that we’ll see everyone again soon!

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