2018 BreakOut Day 2


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What a fun filled day we had today! We kicked off our morning with breakfast, energizers, morning worship and then it was off to the trees for some climbing! While we waited for our turn to tree climb, we went to low ropes and created our flag for Camp Olympics which is on Thursday morning! There are some really awesome flags, it was so cool to see all of the campers working together to create something that represented all of them.


This afternoon our original plan was to go to the waterfront to canoe and also tie-dye. It began raining while we were at lunch, so after our siesta time, we came back to the New New to watch the Prince of Egypt. (We were also able to get outside to get our tie-dye done!) By the time that was over, the lighting was long gone and we were able to spend some time at the pool.


After dinner, we got to hear more of Joseph’s story from Fr. Ryan and then we put together skits with our Ohana groups. The skits were so awesome and so creative! This group of campers is really fantastic and you can tell that they’re really able to work together which is so cool in just a short amount of time!


Our Counselor’s Program for tonight was a game night. The counselors and junior counselors led some really wild and fun games, and we ended this time by choosing which counselors will be “pudding-ed” at the end of the Olympics tomorrow. We chose one counselor and one junior counselor for both girls and boys, and now they have a whole night to sleep on the idea of all of our campers flinging chocolate pudding at them tomorrow morning J


We ended our night with some songs and Compline, and then headed to bed to rest up for our last full day of camp! (Already?!)


Check out our pictures that are being uploaded all the time: https://flic.kr/s/aHskzkDrga


Don’t forget to send your camper an email at campbunknotes@gmail.com. Tomorrow at 12pm is the last chance for guaranteed delivery to campers before the end of the session!


And last, but not least, join us for our Closing Eucharist at 11am in the Program Center. Camper pick up will begin at 12pm.

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